Is limited government an oxymoron?

Fantastic video, and Tom Woods is a great speaker in general.

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The Anatomy of the State

The anatomy of the state, by Murry N. Rothbard, is a fantastic essay. Everyone should give it a read: What the State Is Not The State is almost universally considered an institution of social service. Some theorists venerate the State as the apotheosis of society; others regard it as an amiable, though often inefficient, […]

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  • Trade Agreements or Political Independence: A False Choice
    A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssTrade Agreements or Political Independence: A False Choice 0 Views A new international trade agreement has hit a stumbling block. Against the background of a decades long deadlock of the WTO negotiations, and the controversies surrounding the more recent Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Walloon region in Belgium has decided to ‘veto’ […]
  • The Bad Economics Behind Monopoly
    A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssMedia and CulturePhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical TheoryThe Bad Economics Behind Monopoly 0 Views In 1868, a young Henry George wrote an editorial on the nearly completed Pacific Railroad that was soon to connect his state of California with the rest of the country. This editorial, “What the Railroad Will Bring Us,” acknowle […]
  • Robert D. Tollison, RIP
    Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssBiographiesOther Schools of ThoughtRobert D. Tollison, RIP 0 Views Bob Tollison died unexpectedly today at the age of 74. While many readers of may not be familiar with him, he was one of the most inventive, prolific, and impactful scholars of our generation. As the current leader of the public choice school his wide- […]
  • New York Declares War on Homesharing
    Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssLegal SystemInterventionismPrivate PropertyNew York Declares War on Homesharing 0 Views Late last week, Governor Cuomo signed legislation which made his position on the sharing economy painfully clear to New York City residents. Capitulating to the whims of the traditional hotel industry, Cuomo made history by adopting the nati […]
  • Federal Meddling in Dairy Farms Hurts Both Consumers and Producers
    Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssLegal SystemU.S. HistoryPolitical TheoryFederal Meddling in Dairy Farms Hurts Both Consumers and Producers 0 Views When US dairy farmers worked together to reduce herd numbers — in order to limit supply and boost prices — this was apparently seen as a dangerous and deceptive move. Recently, dairy cooperatives (producers who wor […]

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  • The Dustbin of Fallen Civilizations and Empires
    The more we exist outside the system, the more creative we are. - Beatrice Wood News that the Ecuadorian embassy in London cut off Wikileaks’ access to the Internet is troubling, principally because of the question marks left as to Julian Assange’s safety in England. Fears that Wikileaks might have been put out of business – particularly at a time when it wa […]
  • Hillary Is Such a Nasty Marxist
    Nothing outrages Progressives more than the truth. Predictably, then, when Donald Trump voiced the undeniable fact that Hitlary Clinton is “such a nasty woman,” the mindless masses howled with fury. I am no Trumpette. Nor did I watch any of the debates, including the last one with Mr. T’s comment. So I was incredulous as I scanned the headlines the next morn […]
  • The Redeemer Nation
    Ephesians 1:7, 8(a) In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us. Woodrow Wilson Asks for War, April 2, 1917 The world must be made safe for democracy. Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty. We have no selfish ends to serve. We de […]
  • Danney Williams, Bill Clinton, and Their DNA
    If you’ve seen pictures of Danney Williams you know he bears an uncanny resemblance to former President Bill Clinton who Danney claims his father. The facial features, nose, chin line— strongly suggest a biological connection. Danney’s mother and two aunts insist Danney is Bill’s son citing the cash financial support furtively slipped to Danney’s mother over […]
  • Anti-Family Leave
    Paid family leave is getting a lot of attention lately. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with paid family leave, and employers can benefit from it just as much as employees, there is everything wrong with it when government—at the federal, state, or local level—provides it or mandates that employers have to provide it. Since the passage of the Fami […]

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  • Dead Is Dead
    by Scott Cattanach Just this year, the National Academy of Sciences concluded that CAFE (“Corporate Average Fuel Economy” – the federal government’s new car fuel economy standard enacted in 1975) had contributed to the deaths of an extra 1,300 to 2,600 Americans every year in traffic accidents.  A 1989 Brookings-Harvard study estimated an annual death … Cont […]
  • Don’t Play Their Games
    by Johan R:son Sjöberg 4/16/2004 So you say you’re tired of government and all its stupidity? You say you don’t like its arbitrary rules, regulations, prohibitions, tariffs, controls, et cetera? You say you don’t know what to do to get rid of it? I’ve got some good and some bad news for you. I’ll start … Continue reading "Don’t Play Their Games" Th […]
  • The Meaning of Jurisdiction
    by Paul Hein 5/5/2004 If you ever instigate a lawsuit, one of the first things that you will likely file with the court, as part of your initial complaint, is a statement of jurisdiction. I am not a lawyer, but I gather that this is routine: a complainant acknowledging that the court has the jurisdiction … Continue reading "The Meaning of Jurisdiction […]

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  • Obama’s Pivot to Asia Hits a Roadblock in the Philippines
    While the mainstream media continues its obsessive reporting on the mudslinging campaign for the White House, a dramatic development in China last week brought President Obama’s “pivot to Asia” to a sudden halt. Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, while in Beijing, announced his country’s “separation” from the United States. He told his Chinese audience, “ […]
  • Dump Duterte – for Starters
    Alliances are transmission belts of war. So our Founding Fathers taught and the 20th century proved. When Britain, allied to France, declared war on Germany in 1914, America sat out, until our own ships were being sunk in 1917. When Britain, allied to France, declared war on Germany, Sept. 3, 1939, we stayed out until […] The post Dump Duterte – for Sta […]
  • ISIS Captures City; 482 Killed Across Iraq
    Daesh captured a strategic city in Anbar province. The post ISIS Captures City; 482 Killed Across Iraq appeared first on Original.
  • Why Progressives Love the New Cold War
    The Clinton campaign’s full-scale effort to turn this election into a referendum on Vladimir Putin is causing liberals like Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, and Glenn Greenwald, the energizing force behind The Intercept, much heartburn. Here is Ms. van den Heuvel wondering what the heck is going on: “How does new Cold War […] The post Why Progres […]
  • Hillary Clinton Knew Saudis Were Funding Extremists. Surprise!
    The leaked Hillary Clinton emails include a memo written on September 17, 2014 that discusses the U.S. response to ISIS. The key line in the memo is point 4 that says that based on "western intelligence, US intelligence and sources in the region," she knows that "the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia . . […] The post Hillary Clinton Knew S […]
  • 418 Killed as Security Forces Capture Several Towns in Northern Iraq
    Security forces captured several towns on Sunday. The post 418 Killed as Security Forces Capture Several Towns in Northern Iraq appeared first on Original.
  • 598 Killed in Iraq; Hundreds Sickened by Sulfur Fumes
    Militants set fire to a sulfur plant/mine near Mosul. The post 598 Killed in Iraq; Hundreds Sickened by Sulfur Fumes appeared first on Original.
  • 553 Killed and Executed in Iraq as Militants Attack Kirkuk
    Militants shifted some of the battle to Kirkuk. The post 553 Killed and Executed in Iraq as Militants Attack Kirkuk appeared first on Original.
  • The Perpetual Killing Field
    Originally posted at TomDispatch. Slaughter is all too human. Killing fields or mass burial grounds are in the archeological record from the Neolithic period (6,000 to 7,000 years ago) on. Nonetheless, with the advent of modern weaponry and industrial processes, the killing fields of the world have grown to levels that can stagger the imagination. […] The po […]
  • Adam Curtis: Another Manager of Perceptions
    Adam Curtis’ new, near three-hour documentary HyperNormalisation, showing on BBC iplayer, is being garlanded with predictable praise from liberal commentators. As ever, Curtis joins the dots in interesting, and sometimes compelling, ways. But HyperNormalisation also continues a trend by Curtis of using his insights to present a deeply conservative, disempowe […]