Is limited government an oxymoron?

Fantastic video, and Tom Woods is a great speaker in general. Advertisements

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The Anatomy of the State

The anatomy of the state, by Murry N. Rothbard, is a fantastic essay. Everyone should give it a read: What the State Is Not The State is almost universally considered an institution of social service. Some theorists venerate the State as the apotheosis of society; others regard it as an amiable, though often inefficient, […]

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  • First They Came for Alex Jones
    This past week, the nation’s newspapers took collective umbrage at being called “the enemy of the people” by President Trump. “That is what Nazis called Jews,” gasped the editors of the Kansas City Star.  “A form even appeared in Nazi Germany, when Jewish people were called an ‘enemy of the state,’” fretted the editors of the Topeka Capital-Journal. These be […]
  • MSM Finally Concedes Defeat on Yemen
    Last month, an article by went viral in republications by popular alternative media outlets ranging from Salon to Zero Hedge to Alternet to Truthdig, among many others. The article was initially titled “ACTION ALERT: It’s Been Over a Year Since MSNBC Has Mentioned US War in Yemen”, but many subsequent republications went with variations on the more […]
  • In Spies Battle
    Shop all books by Patrick Buchanan In backing John Brennan’s right to keep his top-secret security clearance, despite his having charged the president with treason, the U.S. intel community has chosen to fight on indefensible terrain. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper seemed to recognize that Sunday when he conceded that ex-CIA Director […]
  • Every Libertarian’s Nightmare?
    Many people who bring up the subject of libertarianism have no idea what they are talking about. Like Maya Kosoff, who “graduated with her bachelor’s in magazine journalism from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in 2014,” lives in New York City, and “writes about tech for” Her work has appeared in Business Insider, S […]
  • Protectionism Abroad
    One of the most insidious ways politicians expand government is by creating new programs to “solve” problems created by politicians. For example, government interference in health care increased health care costs, making it difficult or even impossible for many to obtain affordable, quality care. The effects of these prior interventions were used to justify […]

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  • Hello world!
    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! The post Hello world! appeared first on Anti-State.


  • Dying for What?: A Tour of Fruitless American Killing and Sacrifice
    Numbness or apathy. These seem to be Americans’ go-to responses when each new overseas tragedy unfolds. Recently, it was a bus full of Yemeni children – 40 in fact – killed by a Saudi airstrike that represented one tiny speck of catastrophe in an ongoing U.S.-backed coalition campaign. Sure, the dead kids briefly hit the … Continue reading "Dying for Wh […]
  • Get Out of That Quagmire in Afghanistan
    A lot happened in and about Afghanistan on August 15. The BBC reported that 48 people were killed in Kabul and that there has been "a recent upsurge in militant violence, including a major Taliban assault on the eastern city of Ghazni [where] at least 100 members of the security forces were killed." Then Stars … Continue reading "Get Out of Th […]
  • In Afghanistan, Our Need To Rethink the Institution of War
    It’s frustrating that whereas all human beings wish to live meaningful lives, we seem helpless in the face of a few individuals waging wars and exploiting our world. But we can each do something about this insensible status quo, as ordinary folk of the People’s Peace Movement (PPM) show us by taking one barefoot-step at … Continue reading "In Afghanista […]
  • U.S. Service Member Among Eight Killed in Iraq
    A U.S. service member was killed and several other Coalition members were wounded. The post U.S. Service Member Among Eight Killed in Iraq appeared first on Original.
  • Why Can’t We Just Play Ball?
    Originally posted at TomDispatch. I can remember lying on my bed with a crumpled up piece of paper in my hand and throwing it at the wall while, in my mind, the announcer’s voice carried on: "It’s a long drive to right field… Furillo is going back, back, back… He leaps! He’s got it!" And … Continue reading "Why Can’t We Just Play Ball?" T […]
  • From Beijing to the Beltway: The Revolt Against the Entitled
    Elites and their privileges are under attack throughout the world, and not just in the West. While here in the US the security clearances of former national security officials are being revoked to the howls of the #TheResistance, in China the Communist Party “nobility” is facing a similar challenge: “Elite privileges for retired high-level cadres … Continue […]
  • Political Blocs Discuss Coalition Building; Seven Killed in Iraq
    Several political blocs, including one led by Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr met in Baghdad. The post Political Blocs Discuss Coalition Building; Seven Killed in Iraq appeared first on Original.
  • Militia Armory Burns and Explodes; 15 Killed in Iraq
    At least 15 people were killed, and two others were wounded in recent violence: Twelve people were killed in a fire and multiple explosion in Karbala. The incident reportedly occurred at a Hashd al-Shaabi munitions depot. This is the third such incident in Karbala this month. It is possible that explosives are not being store … Continue reading "Militia […]
  • Corbyn Smeared as Anti-Semite, For a Reason
    The Labour party, relentlessly battered by an organized campaign of smears of its leader, Jeremy Corbyn – first for being anti-Semitic, and now for honoring Palestinian terrorists – is reportedly about to adopt the four additional working “examples” of anti-Semitism drafted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). Labour initially rejected […]
  • Electric Infrastructure Targeted; Six Killed in Iraq
    Unknown persons brought down power lines in Kirkuk province. The post Electric Infrastructure Targeted; Six Killed in Iraq appeared first on Original.